Bayley proposes Queen Of The Ring tournament

WWE recently announced the return of the King of The Ring tournament and while talking about it during a recent interview with South Dakota news network KSFY, the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley proposed an interesting idea.



The SmackDown Champion first discussed the history behind the tournament and how it being brought back is a dream come true for a lot of guys and she then went on to propose the idea of a Queen of the Ring tournament:

There’s so much history to it. The fact that they brought it back is a dream come true for a lot of those guys. We kind of want a Queen of the Ring, if you guys could make that happen, I would love that.”

And it seems fans also like the idea as many of them took on their twitter to support it and some even suggested possible dates for the same:

What do you think about a potential Queen of the Ring tournament? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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