Is Bayley really injured or are the fans being worked?

When Bayley went down during her match against Nia Jax it was pretty obvious something was wrong. The Hugger clutched her shoulder after a spot where a shoulder injury sell-job wouldn’t normally take place. WWE made the official announcement she had a separated shoulder and would be pulled out of her championship match at SummerSlam. So it seemed like a legit injury.



However, Taz recently commented about how he thought this injury angle was a work because Michael Cole called attention to it as soon as it happened on the show. But Bryan Alvarez recently commented about this observation on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live where he had to disagree with the should-be WWE Hall Of Famer.

“Maybe it is [a work], I don’t know. All I know is here’s the thing with these ‘worked injuries’ in these matches. Let’s just say for example this injury was a worked injury — this killed the match. I mean it killed the match” Alvarez said.

“When [Bayley] first went down and grabbed her shoulder I mean the match ground to a halt and then they kept going and they kept going. And then Nia Jax put her in the chicken wing and just threw her so hard down on the mat. Which by the way, if you’re gonna do a worked injury — I mean, to me the idea that you’re gonna throw somebody like Bayley as hard as you can on her shoulder with her arms behind her so she has no way to break her fall — I mean you may as well, you’re practically putting her in danger to really be injured.”

“If it’s fake — if it’s a fake injury. And then when she got thrown on her shoulder after that chicken wing. I mean she rolled outside and she just sat there for 45 seconds. I mean she just sat out there forever in the middle of a match that was already dead. It completely killed the match. So if that’s your goal to have like a terrible match to get over an injury, I mean there are better ways to get over an injury.”

Credit for the quotes in this article thanks to Wrestling Observer Live and Still Real To Us

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