Bayley Talks Main Roster Experience, NXT Stars Coming Up, Seeing Herself in 2K17

WWE Superstar Bayley was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman of Channel Guide MagazineYou can check out some highlights form their conversation here:



On seeing herself in 2K17:

“I was tweeted a link that just had my picture,then came my entrance and it started setting in. I started freaking out a little bit. I remember sitting on my couch and reading my tweets and saw it. I got a weird, warm feeling. I had to text my brother — so he is also excited. I don’t think he has bought a game in the past two years. Now he is going to buy this one and play as me next time we are together.”

On her experience on the main roster:

“I just came back from South America and I was thinking about the tour. It was insane to me to see how many fans knew who I was because I’m the newest member of the roster coming from NXT. It’s a crazy feeling…It has been a lot of fun. It’s kind of hard to sit back and think about it. We are just moving so much. A part of me miss the NXT family, there is a lot of NXT people up here. It’s been incredible. I’ve accomplished so many things here, but there is a lot to be done.”

On NXT stars stepping up:

“I’ve noticed Liv Morgan has stepped it up working against Asuka. She kind of reminded me of myself when I started out in FCW and NXT because she was a lifelong fan and what you see out there is who she is backstage. I see she is just having the time of her life. Peyton Royce and Billie Kaye are starting out. I saw the last few episodes and they’re really delivering.”

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