Bayley teases Evolution match against Hall Of Famer

Former Raw Women’s Champion Bayley is not booked for any match at the upcoming Evolution PPV but she is now teasing a big bout against a legend.



WWE Hall Of Famer Ivory recently made a tweet complimenting the Raw Star and she was quick to respond to the tweet by saying ‘let’s wrestle’:

Ivory responded to this challenge with a tweet reading ‘Can I have a year to get in shape, first?!’ and Bayley then teased a match against her for the upcoming Women’s only event:

It’s worth mentioning here that these two have a personal connection as in a recent interview Bayley had revealed that Ivory was the first women’s wrestler she met as a kid.

So her wrestling the former Women’s Champion at this historical event will make a compelling story and we’ll have to see if the company actually books this bout.

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