Bayley & Vince McMahon Bombshell Revealed

Roman winning was a HHH call. Said that it was a Vince decision to have Cody in this year’s main event and had been in planning for months. The decision to have Roman win was decided weeks ago.



Heard that Vince was “meddling” on Monday but not to the extent that he was rewriting or tearing up scripts.

Wade Keller discussed the state of WWE on his PWTorch Hotline, as recapped by the Squared Circle Reddit. The return of Vince is not being as universally opposed to by the talent as being reported elsewhere according to one WWE wrestler that Wade has talked to.

Still up in the air if Vince will be at Smackdown. A lot of people that he has talked to think that Monday might’ve been a “special circumstance” and that Vince may have been feeling emboldened. Doesn’t expect that Ari Emanuel to rein in Vince either.

Heard that Bayley has been in good spirits. They didn’t want her to be ringside with Iyo and Dakota losing as a way to protect her. Keller surmised (I stress not definitively saying this) that she might be a talent that would be happy with Vince returning and be in a better place creatively with him back.

Doesn’t expect Punk back in AEW. Still strongly opposed to by the locker room.

Logan Paul’s appearance at WrestleMania 39 made waves and his entrance on a zipline was nothing short of spectacular. WWE has released a behind-the-scenes video on their YouTube channel that gives fans an insight into the preparation that goes into creating such an iconic entrance.

In the video, Logan Paul introduces himself to the fans and waits for the zipline to lift him from the ground. However, the zipline initially doesn’t move, and Logan has to make a couple of gentle requests before it takes off. Despite the delay, Paul is visibly excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity.

Interestingly, Paul reveals that he had requested the same entrance for WrestleMania 38, but WWE had denied him. However, he convinced them this year by saying that it could be their birthday gift to him. The hard work and dedication of the WWE production team and Logan Paul paid off as the entrance was a huge success.

During the event, Logan Paul faced off against Seth Rollins in a highly anticipated one-on-one match. KSI, Paul’s business partner, made a surprise appearance during the match, dressed as the Prime mascot and accompanying Paul to the ring.

However, things did not go as planned for Paul when Rollins pulled KSI onto the announcers’ table while Paul was mid-air in a Frog Splash meant for Rollins. Seth Rollins pinned Paul for the win, leaving the WWE rookie and KSI disappointed after the match.

The behind-the-scenes video also showcases the backstage reaction of Logan Paul and KSI after the match. Paul seems angry, and KSI appears to be in pain as he is wheeled out on a stretcher.

Overall, the video gives fans a glimpse into the preparation and hard work that goes into creating such an iconic entrance, as well as the ups and downs of a WWE event. Despite the loss, Logan Paul’s appearance and entrance were highly memorable, and he undoubtedly left his mark on WrestleMania 39.

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