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Becky Lynch calls Corey Graves ”Heenan-Lite”, Graves fires back

Corey Graves recently made some comments on Becky Lynch which she clearly did not like. So The Man took to Twitter to lay it into Graves.

Becky tweeted “So Graves has been saying I’m too cocky, and I talk too much on social media – like that’s a bad thing. I drum up more interest in 1 tweet than you do with 5 hours of your Heenan-lite routine every week. Listen, I’m here to make history, you’re just here to observe me do it.”

After a while, Corey Graves would respond to Becky’s tweet and he pulled no punches.

Corey tweeted “I’ll admit it. It’s tough to go FULL-Heenan when the boss is actually paying attention to your work. You’ll realize that someday.”

Corey might have implied that Vince McMahon does not pay attention to Becky Lynch, which was certainly a harsh comeback.

The internet is divided as to who had the better burn. Some are in favor of Becky’s ”Heenan-lite” comment, others favor Corey’s implication of Vince not caring for Becky Lynch. Either way, it seems the two will be trading shots for a while now.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Online battles is NOT wrestling. Nor is it news worthy.

  • Rinn13

    What an insult. Graves doesn’t even deserve to be called “Heenan Light”.
    He’a absolutely nothing compared to Heenan. The dude’s a chump.

    And no, that’s not an endorsement of “The Man”. It’s an endorsement of “The Brain”.

  • CC

    “the internet is divided” … Really?
    Because last time I looked 2,729 people liked Graves’ tweet and 31,926 liked Lynch’s .. not really that divided is it.

  • The Random Reader

    Im on Corey’s side