Becky Lynch Famous Ex-Boyfriend ‘Fired’

Becky Lynch is engaged to Seth Rollins, but she used to be with another big name. ‘The Man’s’ Ex-Man is no-more in the land of the UFC! Becky Lynch’s ex-boyfriend Luke Sanders was fired, along with four other fighters, from the UFC. It’s unclear what caused Sanders’ release – ThirstyForNews speculates that it could be from a number of possibilities from contract differences, the choice not to renew said contact or even simply just a straight-forward release from the roster. Sanders had a notable 13-5 record in mixed martial arts at the time of release and his last fight was on May 1st. Becky Lynch’s newest WWE paycheck leaked.



In a recent interview with Fightful, Sanders touched on his relationship with the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion and why their relationship ultimately did not last.

“Everything was cool when we separated and it was mostly family stuff man you know with her and my daughter and me taking her on full-time at the end of the year after the last fight and you know being a father for her and a mom role all at once”

He continued: “So that took a lot of energy. She travels a lot and does a lot of extracurricular activities and putting that energy in with her and really putting all of my energy into that and my opportunity to do that. I want her to know that I got her, forever and ever”. Becky Lynch posted this ‘sad’ Stephanie McMahon tweet not too long ago.

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