Becky Lynch New WWE Paycheck Leaks

Becky Lynch signed a new WWE contract around WrestleMania 37, despite being off television for a year due to her pregnancy and birth. Becky Lynch Posts ‘Sad’ Stephanie McMahon Tweet.



Lynch’s contract news was kept quiet, and Ringside News broke the story. Lynch’s last contract was signed in 2019, and she received a solid pay raise. Lynch was already rumored to be making in excess of $1 million per year.

Seth Rollins wrote on Mother’s Day, “So very lucky my daughter gets to call you Mom.Happy (first) Mother’s Day to you…And to anyone out there who has ever held the title, us non-moms are not worthy. Thank you for raising us, teaching us, and believing in us no matter what.”

Rhea Ripley, who did wrestle at WrestleMania unlike Becky Lynch, told Out of Character with Ryan Satin about wrestling at the PPV, “It took different sort of confidence in myself to go out here and treat it like a WrestleMania match when there was no crowd,” Ripley said. “That’s so difficult to do cause you really do feed off the crowd. My whole career has been based off crowd reactions. That’s honestly how I’ve gotten as far as I have because the crowd have been there for me. Everyone’s seen it, so they’ve just given me what the crowd wanted, which is fantastic.

“So going out there and having zero people in attendance, it was terrifying for me. I was like ‘is this going to feel weird? Am I going to be in the right zone and right mind space? Am I going to have that adrenaline to get me through it?’ But I still had all of that, which was wild to me. I just had to remind myself that there’s still a crowd at home watching and they’re still going to be going crazy. My parents are still supporting me even though they’re not going to be there. So I think that was the biggest lesson to me. Just staying true to myself and like, just pushing through really.”

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