Becky Lynch ‘Offers’ To Leave WWE Leak

Becky Lynch may have more plans than just WWE as her career will be seeing a back on track stunt her relatively soon as WWE and other promotions seek to fill arenas again with live crowds. Becky, is very talented in multiple assets, so it’s no surprise that we could be seeing her elsewhere rather than just in the WWE…WWE Sign Another Fired Star With Zelina Vega.



It was recently stated by Billi Bhatti on that Becky has enough acting offers to leave WWE if she wanted, and more than any other WWE star. I think this goes for most top WWE stars as acting seems to be a natural progression as a side-path for them to go down during or after a run with the company.

We have, of course, seen stars like The Rock and John Cena make it even bigger through acting and then we have current stars such as Sasha Banks up for awards for her acting role in The Mandalorian.

The star formerly known as Taya Valkyrie stated about Lynch and others: “I’d love to face Nattie. I’d love to face Naomi. I’d love to face Charlotte. I’d love for Becky Lynch to come back. Sasha Banks, the new talent in Bianca Belair and of course, Rhea Ripley, it’s just an endless amount of these dream matches, and I can’t wait to be fully, totally in the mix and really get started on that,” said Franky Monet (H/T: Wrestling Inc.)

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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