Becky Lynch on the best part of her rise to the top

Becky Lynch has had an eventful year so far, with her double title win in the WrestleMania 35 main event topping the list. The Irish Lass Kicker talked about the rise to the top and the best part of it during an interview with Yahoo. Lynch claimed that people investing in her character has been the biggest positive to come out of her rise. She added:



“I think [the best part of the past year has been] really seeing how invested people get into this and how it has changed people’s perceptions of what you can do as a woman or anybody really — saying enough is enough,”

She also revealed that she stopped feeling guilty over her achievements when she saw people handed opportunities who worked less than her. She elaborated:

“When I first became the Smackdown women’s champion, I felt guilty. I was thinking ‘Oh I’m sorry, I wish everybody could be the champion.’ I played myself down. I realized that it didn’t do myself any favors. I saw people who weren’t putting in a fraction of the work I was getting handed opportunities, titles, title shots. I looked and said ‘No when I get my chance again this isn’t going to happen again.’ I promised myself it wouldn’t and it hasn’t.”

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