Becky Lynch Painful Health Rumor Revealed

Becky Lynch’s WWE return has been delayed, reports, “Becky Lynch was at the site of Raw this past Monday, but as of early September, we were told that her doctors and physical therapists had thought it would be at least a couple of months before she could get near a ring. There’s no definitive timetable on her return.”



Fortunately for WWE, another big name just returned. The Fiend remains one of the most unique characters to have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle. Bray Wyatt’s latest iteration made its in-ring debut back at 2019’s SummerSlam pay-per-view again Finn Balor, where he won in a squash match. However, his booking since then has been panned by many fans. Particularly him losing to Goldberg at WWE Super Showdown in 2020. He would lose to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 in a singles match after being betrayed by Alexa Bliss. He had been absent from WWE television since then. Bray Wyatt could be losing The Fiend to a big name in WWE.

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31st last year and since then the former WWE Superstar has already teased what he might do next. From what it seems, it once seemed he would be making his way to AEW far earlier than expected, as WWE may have let him have a shorter noncompete. Wyatt also appeared on March 13th, at the Showcase of Legends 7 event in Albany, New York. Braun Strowman was released last year as well.

He finally returned during WWE Extreme Rules as well, as fans simply lost their minds.

Speaking on Grilling JR” podcast, Jim Ross talked about Bray Wyatt talking to Tony Khan.

I don’t know if Bray Wyatt ever interviewed with Tony Khan or not, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did, I don’t know,” Ross said. “Bray may have had this plan all along, take some time off, go back to the roost, the nest [referring to WWE]. I don’t know if [Khan and Wyatt] have ever talked, hell I don’t know. I’m not a talent relations guy, I don’t get involved in that.

“I think the horse is out of the barn, he wanted to get back to WWE and I don’t think any amount of money that Tony could’ve offered was going to supplant his career in WWE. I may be wrong too, I don’t know. I think you’re silly in the wrestling business if this talent was a free agent if you didn’t at least engage in a conversation to determine his level of interest if there was any. My take on it was there was never any major interest, it was all about the right place, right time impacting the game.”

Harrison Carter
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