Becky Lynch Returning On Major WWE Show?

Becky Lynch was slated to return at the previous showing of WrestleMania. Becky was so ready and everything was all planned out. Sadly, at the last minute, WWE changed the plans on Lynch and the storyline for the event was no more. Becky could be getting the comeback she deserves very soon…Roman Reigns Drops Cryptic Brock Lesnar Bombshell.



A tank was what Becky Lynch was supposed to come out in at WrestleMania before it was all changed last minute by Vince McMahon and company. Now, we are catching word that the tank has been traded in for a truck.

This news comes to us from Damian Priest on Twitter. Damian showed a photo of an equipment truck that WWE uses for all of their events which featured Becky Lynch, himself, AJ Styles, Big E, Sasha Banks, and while the last star is hard to make out, it looks like it could be Randy Orton.

It was stated months ago by Billi Bhatti that WWE were waiting for actual crowds to come back before they brought back Becky Lynch after everything went down the drain for WrestleMania. This should mean that we see Becky Lynch soon as Smackdown just had their last ThunderDome event as live events will be back.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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