Becky Lynch reveals why wrestlers need more freedom to talk

The RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was part of an interview at the Gorilla Position live event along with Seth Rollins. Becky Lynch talked about a variety of topics including the amount of content out there and why Superstars need more freedom to talk.



The Man stated that it is very hard to be involved in creative due to the enormity of the content being put out by WWE. On the topic of what creative changes that would benefit the company, Lynch stated that Superstars should be given more freedom on the microphone.

“I think I would give the wrestlers more freedom to talk and to be able to cut their own promos. Because we know ourselves, we know what our mission is, we know why we want to do things, we know why we don’t like people. And if we don’t know those things, then we shouldn’t be in WWE, my God. Right?”

Becky Lynch will be teaming up with Charlotte Flair to take on the Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Kairi Sane at the upcoming TLC PPV.

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