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Becky Lynch: ‘Ronda has to be scared’

  • CC

    Hopefully WWE has finally accepted she is not a heel by the way she has been able to respond to fan cheers etc at shows in the last week or so, but they really need to stop having her do cowardly stuff like walking away with the title mid match etc.
    They have a perfect chance to actually portray her as a badass, which will actually make the match work so much better against Rousey. I am not expecting Becky to win, sadly, but you have to be able to believe someone can beat Rousey for someone to finally dethrone her. If she is dethroned by someone who looks weak going in, it does not make the outcome look good (even if foul means are used).

    For instance, Jax at the moment does not look a credible threat due to how poorly she has been booked since turning face. Between now and whenever TLC is (I assume that is when the match will take place), they need to get Jax back to being a monster for this to even look like a credible match.

  • Soulshroude

    “Rhonda has to be scerd…” I had a mean tone to my voice, I was very threatening.