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Becky Lynch says she introduced the idea of Women’s Tag Titles to creative

Becky Lynch WWE

It’s been speculated for a while now that the WWE’s women’s roster could be getting some more gold in the future. With teams like the Riott Squad and the now-defunct Absolution coming up in late 2017, it was assumed that the WWE was finally going to add women’s tag team titles to the roster.

Sadly, the company has yet to bring any more gold to the roster. It doesn’t mean it hasn’t been discussed, though. In a Q&A session at the Ace Comic-Con event in Seattle, Becky Lynch revealed that she pitched the idea to WWE officials two years ago.

I don’t think we’d have enough women to have titles on each brand. What I think would be cool is to have the titles be travelling. Between Raw, Smackdown, and even NXT.

Been pitching it for a year, maybe two.

Would tag titles for the women be a good addition to the WWE? It would certainly give them more storylines to work with. It was also hinted a while back by Triple H that he wouldn’t mind seeing an all women’s brand at some point in the future, which could lead to both mid-card and tag team titles.

Maybe Becky Lynch’s dream is closer to reality than she believes.

  • MindTricked

    Thing is, they’ve been throwing them together with no rhyme or reason for YEARS, if for no other reason than to make sure they get some TV time. With a more structured tag team division (and yes, I’m with Becky – it should be a traveling championship), you may get better, more focused, teams. Hell, they keep bringing up whole ass squads – they NEED to just go ahead and make titles.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Idk. Sounds good on paper, but they dont have any tag teams and I’m not a fan of every tag team, just being thrown together at random.