Becky Lynch says she’ll prove Dusty Rhodes right

Becky Lynch took to Twitter and shared a tweet from the great Dusty Rhodes, which was written in 2015. The tweet from the Legend was him praising Lynch, and it also happens to be the last tweet he ever made before his death.



The tweet reads, “Lynch, NXT Star time she be great, top 5 of the last five years! Max #1.” It was made on June 7, 2015, just four days before his death.

Lynch replied to the tweet and said that she will be proving The American Dream right by winning the triple threat match at WrestleMania against Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

During that time, Lynch was part of the Four Horsewomen of NXT and Lynch had just faced Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s title in a losing attempt a month before.

Cody Rhodes responded to Lynch and told her to go get it.

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