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Becky Lynch talks her online feud with Ronda Rousey, why her WWE Evolution match was great

Despite no match between the two yet, the rivalry between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey has made headlines over the past few weeks. Regardless of their Survivor Series match not happening, their rivalry is still going strong on social media.

Becky Lynch spoke to Sky Sports, before Survivor Series. She talked about facing Rousey in the ring. She compared her Twitter game with that of Ronda.

“I’m destroying her. Anything she says I’ve got a better comeback.” “She’s kind of hounding me at the moment. My latest post was that she was my biggest Stan, that’s what the kids say. It’s Ronnie. She’s trying to put herself on top of me.

You’re not the talk of the industry, I’m the talk of the industry. You came into my world. You were very good in your world, well done. This is a whole different cattle of fish. Yes, she has a championship, but she hasn’t been tested. Anyone she’s stepped into the ring with has already been beaten before the bell rang.

She has that presence, that ability to instill fear into her opponents, but that’s not me. I’m not scared of anybody or anyone. I’ve been taking beatings my whole life, I’ve lost countless amount of times, and I’ve come back the next week, the next day, maybe even the same night.

I’ve won, I’ve overcome and then I’ve been knocked down again. But I’ve constantly gotten myself back up again. She can’t say the same thing. Her whole persona is based off of her dominance and how she can run through people. That’s not what I’m built on.”

Becky Lynch also had a match of the year candidate, in her last woman standing match against Charlotte Flair, at WWE Evolution. She was unfazed that her match was not the main event, as her performance spoke for itself.

“The match went as good as it possibly could be because I won. You can put me through anything, you can give me enough pain, as much damage as you could possibly put me through but I’ll get up again. That’s the difference between me and Ronda Rousey. Her name got her the actual main event, my skill got me the match of the year.”

Becky Lynch is scheduled to defend her Smackdown Women’s Title against Charlotte Flair and Asuka in a triple threat TLC match at WWE TLC, on December 16th.

  • Rajah

    I stopped reading after “biggest stan” and “cattle of fish”.

    Pruuf reeding iz you’re freind.

  • rob

    These pro wrestlers having “online feuds”…smh