Before Trump Debate, Joe Biden Escapes To…

President Joe Biden is heading to Camp David on Thursday night to hunker down with advisers as he prepares for his upcoming debate against Donald Trump. With just a week remaining until the showdown in Atlanta, Biden, known for his thorough preparation with briefing binders and practice sessions, aims to hold Trump accountable for his record and craft impactful one-liners to unsettle the former president.



Meanwhile, Trump has been testing new catchphrases and rhetorical strategies to effectively counter Biden on stage. This debate marks their first face-to-face encounter since their final presidential debate in October 2020.

Biden’s campaign is tempering expectations, citing his busy schedule with presidential duties as limiting his debate preparation compared to four years ago. A campaign official mentioned that preparation will largely occur immediately prior to the debate.

Recently, Biden has been on a packed travel schedule, including visits to France for the D-Day anniversary and a state visit, followed by a trip to Italy for the G7 summit. Despite his active schedule, concerns about Biden’s age and recent incidents where he appeared disoriented remain a hurdle.

The Trump campaign has amplified these concerns, using edited videos to portray Biden negatively, while Biden’s camp has countered by highlighting Trump’s own legal and behavioral issues.

Trump, speaking at a rally in Wisconsin, downplayed the upcoming debate, suggesting he will face not only Biden but also the debate moderators, whom he claims are biased against him.

The debate format will give Biden the first word and Trump the last, following a coin toss to determine speaking order and podium positions. It will be a 90-minute event with commercial breaks, during which Biden plans to critique Trump on issues like reproductive rights, political violence, and economic policies favoring the wealthy.

Both candidates have not held back in attacking each other, with Trump questioning Biden’s fitness for office and Biden labeling Trump as dangerous to democracy. The debate is expected to be contentious, with potential topics ranging from personal character attacks to policy critiques.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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