Bella Twins Let It All Hang Out In Pool Photos

WWE Hall of Famers Nikki and Brie Bella had a lot of fun at a pool party. They donned swimsuits and looked alluring as ever. Brie took to her Instagram account and posted photos from the party. Her caption read:



“Forgot how much fun pool parties are!!! 🎉💦🥂😎 thank you @playatgila for throwing an amazing summer oasis party with great music by @konstantina.gianni and @wearelostkings 🎧 #sistersunday #gilariver #poolparty”

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The duo is currently known as Garcia Twins. During a recent episode of their podcast, The Bella Twins addressed their departure from WWE. They noted reaching a point in the career where one needs to get separated from the current position to experience something new. It was also added that this is perhaps not the end of their WWE career.

“When our contract came up with WWE, mutually, we all knew we needed to head into this next chapter. We are so grateful for the past 17 years. I have learned so much in and out of the ring. I have traveled all over the world, I have incredible fandom. It’s been amazing,” the elder of The Bella Twins stated.

“This is part of relationships. Whether it’s business, love, this is relationships in life. Sometimes, you come to this part of your life where it’s like, ‘let’s go separate ways. It doesn’t mean it’s forever, but we just know that it’s right.’”

The other half of The Bella Twins, Brie Bella added also disclosed that they had thought about leaving WWE for several years prior to reaching this decision and eventually executing when the deal renewal phase arrived earlier this year,

“It doesn’t mean that it’s bad either. When things like this happen, everyone wants to look for the negative. ‘What happened? It had to be something crazy.’ It wasn’t. It was actually something beautiful. [We] thought about it for a while. This has been years coming. I want to thank Brie Bella.” (quotes courtesy No DQ)

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