Ben Affleck Divorce Payment To J-Lo Leaks?

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly seeking revenge after Ben Affleck decided to end their marriage, according to Radar Online. Sources claim that J.Lo is determined to reclaim the substantial amounts of money she spent during their time together, given Affleck’s reluctance to contribute equally to their lavish lifestyle.



An insider revealed that Lopez, whose net worth is around $400 million compared to Affleck’s $150 million, covered most of their expenses. “Jennifer paid for much of their marital expenses and now she feels he owes her,” the source said. They added that Lopez is tallying up all the costs, including private jet bills, hotels, meals, clothing, and other high living expenses that were primarily funded by her.

The couple’s $60 million mansion purchase was also heavily financed by Lopez. The source claimed that Lopez feels Affleck took a significant amount of money from her, and she is demanding a detailed inventory of their expenses to get back what she believes she invested.

Another insider suggested that Lopez is feeling betrayed, insisting that if Affleck had remained committed to the marriage, she wouldn’t have pursued this financial reckoning. However, now that he has left, she is ready to play hardball, aiming for payback.

“Jennifer always gets payback and now she’s ready to play hardball,” the source concluded, indicating that Lopez is not backing down and is prepared to take serious steps to get her money back.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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