Ben Affleck Eats Donuts And Smokes In Sad Photos

Popular actor Ben Affleck’s diet appears to comprise Dunkin’ Donuts and cigarettes. Yet, he’s in great shape.



The actor was recently spotted picking up his kids in L.A. on Monday via TMZ. Specifically, he picked his 14-year-old daughter Seraphina and 11-year-old son Samuel and he was in complete Papa Bear mode … of the big-rig variety, though, it seems.

While waiting with Seraphina in the parking lot, he started rummaging through a backpack and pulled out a giant carton of Marlboro cigs, which was already torn open.

Once Sam showed up and the 3 of them started heading out Ben had a Dunkin’ coffee cup with him, and it looked pretty empty. We know Ben’s a fan of the coffee/donut brand so it’s not all that crazy to see him with one of these. The fact Ben tends to snag fast food pretty often — including a McDonald’s run he made last week, where he had a bag of grub and a tasty drink to boot.

Lop on the fact he’s a regular smoker … and it’s a little surprising Ben’s able to stay in as good of shape as he does. We know the guy’s shredded thanks to a snap his wife, J Lo, shared on Father’s Day — so he must hit the gym regularly to keep things balanced.

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