Ben Affleck Goes On Holiday With Famous Ex

Ben Affleck spent this year’s Father’s Day with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, rather than his current wife, Jennifer Lopez, highlighting ongoing tensions in his marriage with Lopez. Garner was seen visiting Affleck’s rental property in Brentwood, California, making her way up the driveway alone in casual attire. The absence of Lopez was notable, even though she publicly celebrated Affleck on social media.



Jennifer Lopez posted a Father’s Day tribute to Affleck, featuring a photo of him from the movie “Pearl Harbor” and calling him a “hero.” Despite this public display of affection, Lopez was not with Affleck for the holiday, suggesting a disconnect between their online interactions and real-life circumstances.

Later in the day, Affleck was seen driving Jennifer Garner home in his BMW, with their son Samuel riding shotgun. This indicates that their Father’s Day celebration included their children, making it a family-focused event. However, Jennifer Lopez and her children were not present, emphasizing the separation between Affleck’s time with Garner and his current family.

This year’s events contrast sharply with last Father’s Day when Lopez shared intimate photos of Affleck, including a shirtless picture and other loving snapshots of the couple. The change in tone this year underscores the widening rift in their relationship, which has been the subject of public speculation for months.

TMZ reported that Affleck and Lopez are in the process of selling their $60 million marital home, a move that strongly suggests divorce is imminent.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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