Ben Affleck Has No Wedding Ring In Photo After…

Ben Affleck was spotted without his wedding ring amidst ongoing speculation about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The actor was seen ringless as he attended his child’s school recital on Friday evening, signaling a potential shift in his marital status.



Affleck’s decision to go without his wedding ring comes after reports of him living separately from Lopez for several weeks. He recently moved out of the Beverly Hills mansion they shared and into a rental home in Brentwood.

Just a day prior, both Affleck and Lopez were observed wearing their wedding rings despite their living situation. They were seen together at their child’s school on Thursday night, appearing amicable as they interacted outside. Affleck even provided transportation for Lopez after the event.

The couple tied the knot in a spontaneous Vegas ceremony in 2022, followed by a more formal celebration in Georgia. However, their recent actions have sparked speculation about the state of their relationship.

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While neither Affleck nor Lopez’s representatives have commented on the situation, the absence of Affleck’s wedding ring has fueled rumors about a potential separation. Lopez, who was last seen in public on Thursday night, has yet to address the speculation surrounding their relationship.

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