Ben Affleck Humiliated In Car In Sad Video

Popular actor, director and writer Ben Affleck from Hollywood was recently spotted in Los Angeles standing outside his Mercedes-Benz luxury car on the roadside.



It was noted that the actor was standing out of his car because someone had boxed his Mercedes-Benz in a tight spot. The video has already surfaced online and the actor is seen struggling to get his car out from the tight spot in this video.

Daily Mail shared a video clip of the incident on their Facebook page. In this video, the actor is seen standing outside his car scrolling through his phone. He was probably waiting for the driver of the cars parked in front and rear to come back so that he can drive out the car properly.

When he saw that no one is coming, he simply went inside the car and started attempting to drive the car out of the tight spot. The actors Mercedes was boxed between a Nissan Altima sedan and a Volvo sedan. The actor carefully moves his car forward and reverse, ensuring it does not hit the other vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz  EQS luxury electric sedan seen here in the video is extremely long and driving it through tight spaces can be an issue at times.

The actor was trying his best to get his car out of the tight space without hitting any of the cars but, it looks like he ran out of patience and crashed into the Nissan Altima parked in the front and into the Volvo sedan parked at the rear. The Mercedes EQS sedan comes with rear-wheel steering and this feature can be seen in action in this video.

After several attempts, the actor managed to get his car out of the tight spot and drive away. It is not clear whether the actor had parked his EQS behind the Nissan Altima or did the Nissan and Volvo drivers decided to park the car in front and rear of actor’s car without leaving any space for the EQS.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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