Ben Affleck Looks Miserable In Leaked Jennifer Garner Photos

The Sun recently reported information about a source close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck who made some concerning disclosures. They claim that the actor doesn’t approve of Lopez’s alleged ‘diva-like’ behavior, which they report to be the main reason the couple had some public confrontations.



Reports on Ben Affleck

This is just a report from a different media outlet but there is no way to know the truth unless Affleck or Lopez themselves address the issues. They keep denying anything is wrong through their spokespeople but the confrontations are captured on both footage or images. Only they know exactly what those arguments were about.

Before reacting as Twitter users did, we need to understand a little bit of context of the photos that were published by X17Online. Ben Affleck appears speaking with Jennifer Garner in good spirits but people need to know the ex couple remained friends for the sake of their kids.

There is no story here that can cause the couple to have even more issues than the ones they clearly already have.

Unless a reliable source of information that proves Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez might split, people should still consider they are simply having regular married people problems.

We are talking about two of the busiest working entertainers in Hollywood. The Sun’s report on Ben Affleck fed up with J-Lo could simply be a husband arguing with his wife, which happens all the time and with most married couples. Ben Affleck is known for how animated he gets when he talks about stuff he feels passionate about.

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