Ben Affleck Massive Dunkin Donuts Payment Revealed

Nearly a year after creating a stir with his appearance in Dunkin’s Super Bowl commercial, Ben Affleck, the 51-year-old Hollywood star, reportedly received a substantial payment of nearly $10 million for the 30-second ad. The commercial featured Affleck surprising real customers at a Dunkin’ drive-thru.



Despite the seemingly high eight-figure payout, insiders familiar with the Dunkin’ Super Bowl campaign highlighted its success, noting that the company experienced record-breaking donut sales the day after the ad aired. Scott Murphy, Dunkin’s president, emphasized the impact by stating they garnered 7 billion media impressions, effectively kickstarting the year for the brand.

The Super Bowl commercial, directed, partially conceptualized, and produced by Affleck himself, marked Dunkin’s first-ever advertisement during the iconic event. Filmed at a Dunkin’ in Medford, Massachusetts, in early January 2023, the ad showcased paparazzi photographs of Affleck serving unsuspecting patrons.

Affleck, a native of Cambridge, MA, has been a lifelong fan of Dunkin’, a sentiment shared by many Massachusetts natives. Even after Dunkin’ expanded to the West Coast in 2014, with the opening of the first Los Angeles Dunkin’ shop, Affleck maintained his daily Dunkin’ routine.

In a 2019 interview with Collider, Affleck expressed his enthusiasm for Dunkin’, stating that he has Dunkin’ every day and feels like he’s spreading the word about the brand. Since initiating their partnership last year, Affleck has participated in numerous campaigns alongside Hollywood heavyweights, including his wife Jennifer Lopez, rapper Ice Spice, and Charli D’Amelio.

The recent Super Bowl commercial, where Affleck humorously poked fun at his decision-making skills during a drive with Jack Harlow, added another entertaining chapter to their successful collaboration. The ad showcased Affleck’s internal debate and ended with a playful ‘to be continued,’ leaving viewers eager for more.

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