Ben Affleck Sad Theater Video With J-Lo Video

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are earning widespread praise for their exemplary behavior at a showing of Dune: Part Two. The sequel, based on the second half of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, has become the highest-grossing opening weekend of the year, surpassing $182.5 million worldwide since its release on March 1.



After watching the sequel in theaters, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were caught on video getting up from their seats, collecting their popcorn buckets and drinks, and leaving the theater. The viral video captured by @GehrigRyan on Twitter/X sparked positive reactions from people who commended the celebrity couple for adhering to proper theater etiquette.

One Twitter user, @falsemaria, expressed respect for Affleck and Lopez, stating, “My takeaway is that I respect [them] for taking their trash with them.” Another user, @NINEEEv, acknowledged their consideration, saying, “Respect for taking their things and cleaning the sofa.”

@falsemaria also highlighted the couple’s connection to the world of theaters, mentioning, “I am reminded that Ben and Matt once worked at Harvard Square Theatre, and Casey was at the Janus Theatre, so I should really have expected nothing less.”

A former movie theater employee, @AlienDay426, chimed in with their experience, saying, “As a former movie theater employee who cleaned up dip-cups after the Luke Perry bull riding movie ‘8 Seconds’… RESPECT.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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