Ben Affleck ‘Skinny Dipping’ With Ex-Girlfriend Leaks

Ben Affleck, 51, who is currently surrounded by rumors about the state of his two-year marriage to Jennifer Lopez, has an ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne Rothman, who has taken a completely different path in life. Rothman, 52, dated Affleck from 1990 to 1997, a period longer than both of Affleck’s relationships with Lopez. She chose to leave the Hollywood spotlight behind, opting instead for a quiet, family-oriented life in Alameda, California.



Exclusive photos reveal Rothman’s current life with her husband, software engineer Lauren Haven, 50, and their three teenage sons. Rothman, who has remained largely out of the public eye since her last public appearance with Affleck at the March 1997 premiere of “Chasing Amy,” now spends her days running errands and walking her dog.

Intensely private, Rothman’s social media profiles are either locked or devoid of personal photos, though she is vocal about her progressive political views, expressing admiration for Vermont senator Bernie Sanders on her Facebook page.

A source close to the former couple shared insights with, stating, “She is the one who got away but she’d had enough of Hollywood and everything that went with his fame. This is just speculation but perhaps he wouldn’t be so unhappy if they’d stayed together. She was always really sweet and catnip to boys but it just got too much for her. He did try to get her back after they split up [in summer 1997] but she didn’t want that lifestyle.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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