Ben Affleck Spotted With Homeless Man In Photos

Popular actor Ben Affleck was recently spotted giving a homeless man some money while out for a drive in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles via ET Canada.



Affleck was driving one of Jennifer Lopez’s Rolls-Royce cars when he stopped to hand some cash to a man who was standing in the road, asking for help. This is not the first time Affleck has been spotted giving to a homeless person. Last year, he was captured on video giving a woman standing at a median some money.

In 2020, the actor opened up to People about his support for The Midnight Mission, a homeless shelter in Los Angeles, which helps people in need, including those struggling with addiction.

“I found that I get a lot out of giving a little bit of my time to other people. I don’t know that it helps them or not, but I know it’s helpful to me,” Affleck said.

“It’s easy to sort of throw up your hands and say there’s nothing you can do,” he added. “But the truth is there are people who want to make their lives better, who are struggling, who need help and who you can benefit by even doing a little bit, giving a little bit of money or a little bit of time. It’s just a really powerful thing to do to be able to connect with people.”

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