Ben Affleck Starbucks Photo Revealed: ‘Something Is Wrong’

According to The Independent, fans were taken aback when a resurfaced photo of Ben Affleck surfaced, revealing the beloved Dunkin’ Donuts enthusiast holding a Starbucks coffee cup instead. Affleck’s deep-rooted love for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is well known, as evidenced by his appearance in the chain’s Super Bowl commercial earlier this year and a recent ad with rapper Ice Spice.



Originally captured in February 2014, the paparazzi image depicted the perpetually fatigued Affleck with a coffee in hand, a familiar sight to his fans. However, the unexpected appearance of a Starbucks cup in place of his usual Dunkin’ beverage sparked a frenzy among fans on social media. While some attempted to rationalize the shift, others expressed their disbelief and light-hearted dismay at the unexpected betrayal of the New England coffee chain.

In response to the circulating image, one fan humorously suggested the possibility of it being Photoshopped, while another quipped about the potential revelation of Affleck supporting the New York Yankees, a known rival of Boston’s baseball team. Affleck’s enduring meme status was also acknowledged, tracing back to the “Sad Affleck” meme of 2016 and his more recent meme-worthy moments, including the struggles with his Dunkin’ order and the iconic despondent cigarette-smoking picture.

In a more recent occurrence, during the 2023 Grammy Awards, Affleck’s expression during a tribute performance led viewers to humorously speculate that he would rather be at Dunkin’ Donuts. With his memeability firmly established, Affleck continues to captivate the internet, even amidst his personal milestones, including his marriage to Jennifer Lopez in 2022, which has not escaped the lens of online humor and commentary.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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