Ben Affleck ‘Tired’ Of J-Lo After She Made Him…

According to OK Magazine, it appears that Ben Affleck is reportedly feeling frustrated with the role of being Jennifer Lopez’s chauffeur, according to an insider. The source suggests that Affleck has become the designated driver, a duty he’s not entirely pleased about, as Lopez prefers him behind the wheel for safety reasons. Affleck’s increased time behind the wheel has allegedly led to some minor accidents, including a recent incident where he bumped his Mercedes into a parked car.



The insider mentions that Affleck, feeling the strain of constant demands, may consider hiring a driver to alleviate the situation. The couple, who rekindled their romance and got married in 2022, is said to be experiencing some pressure due to work commitments, public scrutiny, and the blending of their families. Despite still being deeply in love, the source notes that the honeymoon phase is over, and the couple is navigating challenges.

The report also touches on Lopez’s efforts to prioritize health and well-being for both herself and Affleck, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Affleck’s lifestyle adjustments reportedly include regular workouts and a focus on healthier eating habits. Lopez is portrayed as actively supporting these positive changes and is keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for her husband and their blended family.

The insider suggests that while Affleck may have had more relaxed habits in the past, he is now embracing healthier choices, with trainers and chefs assisting in this lifestyle shift. Overall, the report provides insights into the dynamics of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship, highlighting both the challenges they face and the efforts they are making to prioritize health and well-being.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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