Ben Affleck Wears Humiliating Shirt In J-Lo Photo

Jennifer Lopez often makes fashion statements and the same can’t be said about her husband, Ben Affleck. While he’s known to suit up (in more ways than one) for the red carpet and for movie roles, his off-duty apparel is understandably a little more low-key, with plenty of flannels and light-wash jeans in the mix.



Entertainment Tonight reported that Lopez recently picked out a cringe-worthy shirt for Affleck during a shopping trip in Southampton, New York.

The celebrity couple stopped by Flying Point Surf Shop, where Lopez picked out a shirt that read “Woke Up Sexy As Hell Again.” And while a dose of confidence is great, something about the whole thing seemed off-brand for Lopez, who’s about corseted dresses and high slits, not novelty T-shirts.

“Jennifer picked out a T-shirt for Ben that said, ‘Woke Up Sexy As Hell Again,'” a shopper told ET. “They were both very happy they were super sweet to the staff. They both looked like they were in a great mood.”

Flying Point even shared a snapshot of Lopez shopping — and wearing the same ‘fit she wore to celebrate National Spritz Day.

“Surprise visit from two of our favorites… @jlo & Ben Affleck. They picked out one of our favorite T-shirts!! 😍 . .#hamptons #surfshop #jlo #benaffleck,” the store’s Instagram caption read.

A source told ET that the couple are busy getting ready to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary (and Affleck’s 51st birthday) in addition to buying cringy dad-joke style T-shirts.

“They have had a lot on their plates between their work, travels, moving, setting up their new home, and of course, taking care of their kids,” the source said. “They know that everyone has been getting used to the new adjustments and they want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible during the process. They are working on meshing their families in a healthy and gentle way, while also making sure everyone has a fun summer.”

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