Ben Affleck’s ‘Priority’ After J-Lo Split Is…

Ben Affleck was recently spotted spending time with his son in Los Angeles while his wife, Jennifer Lopez, vacationed in Italy, sparking further speculation about their relationship amid ongoing rumors of a split. The couple, who have been facing breakup rumors for weeks, seemed to fuel speculation as Lopez enjoyed her holiday in Positano without Affleck, while he stayed behind with his son Samuel, whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.



Relationship expert Louella Alderson weighed in on the situation, suggesting that Affleck’s choice to stay in LA with his children may indicate a desire to prioritize family and spend more time with them. Alderson noted that this could potentially signal struggles in his marriage or a difficulty in balancing personal life with the relationship.

Alderson also mentioned that spending time apart, such as Lopez’s trip to Italy, can actually be beneficial for a relationship. It allows for individual growth, self-reflection, and maintaining a sense of independence, which can ultimately strengthen the relationship when partners reunite.

However, sources close to the couple have hinted at ongoing challenges. According to reports, Lopez may be feeling disillusioned with efforts to salvage the marriage, with one source describing Affleck as occasionally moody and a source of strain in their relationship.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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