Beth Phoenix Comments On Melina’s Personality, Potential Feud With Kharma

Beth Phoenix appeared on Between The Ropes with Brian Fritz. Highlights from the interview are as follows:



On teaming with her good friend Natalya to form the Divas of Doom: “I got hired by the WWE and was in the developmental system and she ended being hired shortly thereafter. From first sight, people were like wow, you guys could be sisters, you look so similar and we have a very similar power style in the ring. And we just really became close and became friends and became each others support units although we didn’t really cross paths on the show too much. But behind the scenes we would really be close. She’s really the only diva that I trust with everything as a friend and in the ring. That’s why as my ally I’m so excited to be able to work with her and to form this Divas of Doom because it’s like going to work with my best friend which is pretty cool.”

On the potential feud with Awesome Kong (Kharma) that didn’t happen: “I was really disappointed that things turned out that way because I was probably the most excited out of everybody (of Kong joining the company) because not only does she have this mystique about her but I can remember for years when she was doing things elsewhere that was always the comparison. That was my far off, distant dream opponent I supposed because I got asked more than anything else ‘what are you going to do when you meet Kharma’. At the time, it wasn’t a possibility but then when she came in, I was so excited because I was like wow, this could actually come true. This could actually happen and I think it would be something epic for the divas that we haven’t had in a long time. Nobody was more disappointed than me.”

On whether or not Melina and her personality didn’t fit with others: “I never had anything but respect for Melina. I’m not a super social person. I have my best friend in Natalya. That’s who I stick to and I don’t go out and party or anything like that or socialize a lot with the other divas. You know, I didn’t really get to know her personality maybe but speaking from my own personal experience, I respect her very much and what she did and she has a great passion for this business. And I know whatever the future holds for her she’ll do a great job with it.”

The audio interview can be accessed here.

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