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Betting odds suggest a couple of title changes for Extreme Rules

AJ Styles SmackDown Live

While the betting odds are not the most reliable source of prediction for the upcoming matches, they still provide us an idea about the favorites to win the bouts.

And if the current betting odds for the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV are to be believed then we may see a couple of titles changing hands at the show.

The odds point towards some obvious winners like of AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler who are most likely to retain their Championships at the Sunday’s show.

However, they also indicate towards a couple of title changes and if the odds are to be believed then we can see Team Hell No and Shinsuke Nakamura winning their respective matches to also win the titles that will be on the line.

Another interesting favorite is Roman Reigns and if he does win then it’s very much possible that he will be given another shot at Brock Lesnar at the SummerSlam.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    AJ and Dolph are pretty much a given. I think it also makes sense for Nakamura to go over.

    However, team Hello No is kind of dumb, IMO. Bryan doesn’t need it and I think they should focus on individual matches with him and building up to Bryan vs Miz. Besides that, Team Hell No is still not a “legit” tag team, just a gimmick. They need to move on as it is a good temporary or transitional gimmick, like reuniting DX for a few weeks just for fun…

  • CC

    I can see AJ retaining due to the whole WWE2K19 cover thing (although it could change hands and return to him before it is released, so never say never).

    Dolph retaining seems most likely, but could go either way as there really seem to be no plans for anyone in this feud. (although his interactions with Jinder could hint at Rollins next feud)

    I can see Hell no winning because quite frankly, since putting the titles on the Bludgeon brothers, what have they actually done with them? You barely even notice they are on the roster most of the time.

    Nakamura needs a title right now, so it makes sense for him to win.

    Hardy/Wyatt vs B-Team could also go either way. But I cannot help feeling that it will be the B-Team on the losing end due to the amount of losses Matt has had in the build up to the match.

    Carmella is most likely to retain as WWE seems to have dropped the ball entirely with Asuka.

    Bliss will probably walk out as champ due to the likely feud with Rousey.