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Bianca Belair reacts to Sam Roberts saying she is not ”TakeOver Worthy”

On the pre-show for NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, Sam Roberts took shots at Bianca Belair while discussing the NXT Women’s Title match. He said Belair was not “TakeOver worthy”, and compared her to the list of previous NXT Women’s Champions calling them the elite women in wrestling and claimed that Bianca did not belong on that list.

Bianca Belair was unable to defeat Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Title. Following her loss, she was interviewed backstage and was asked how she felt about Sam Roberts and his comments. She was also asked how she felt not being undefeated anymore.

“You know what? Mr. Sam can say what he wants to say because I literally just pushed Shayna to her limit. So, Mr. Sam, you can kiss my ass.”

“You know what? Being undefeated is not just a record. Being undefeated is a mindset and I just had my first NXT Takeover match.”

“The title was literally in my fingertips. So Shayna knows that one day I’m going to take that title from her because I’m undefeated.”

  • Jon Poyser

    I’ll remember not to have an opinion in the future

  • Kyle Abraham

    That match was garbage. Shayna and Bianca had no chemistry in ring. Bianca looked green as hell, so I have to agree with Sam, even if they weren’t his words. Nikki and Lacey would have been better suited for this Takeover, would have been a great way to end their runs in NXT. Bianca needed a longer program leading up to Takeover, actually involving matches with Shayna, this never should have been their first match.

  • Raidertre

    You mean kinda like how just did?

  • Jon Poyser

    I know that but there are some people who will twist the situation to make it something it’s not

  • CC

    Why could it? Baszler is not white. Sasha is not white. Asuka is not white. Ember Moon is not white. Kairi Sane is not white. Saying one woman is not NXT material while praising all previous NXT champions (of which only 3 out of 8 champions have been white) can hardly be taken as “racially charged”.

  • Jon Poyser

    WWE needs to be very careful with this kind of storyline as it could take a nasty turn very quickly as could end up looking like a racially charged storyline

  • It threw me off when Sam cut a promo on her like that out of nowhere, but it also seemed like someone was in his ear telling him to say it.