Biden Aide Reveals ‘Disturbing Mental Decline’

It has come to light that a White House staffer who has worked closely with President Joe Biden for years has revealed how the commander-in-chief’s mental acuity has seemingly dipped via Daily Mail.



The senior White House official who worked with Biden during his presidency, vice presidency, and 2020 campaign told the New York Times that he no longer believes the 81-year-old has what it takes to defeat Trump.

The official declined to be named so he could speak openly and stated that the president has shown more and more signs of his age in recent months – speaking more slowly, haltingly and quietly.

The staffer said Biden also appeared more fatigued in private, concluding that he should not continue to seek re-election.

Others in Biden’s inner circle have noted that he seems to trail off mid-sentence and freeze in public.

It was last month that the president froze at a Juneteenth White House celebration. He was seen staring blankly ahead as Vice President Kamala Harris danced beside him. In a speech at the event, he also seemed to slur his words.

Less than a week later, Biden again stopped abruptly at a fundraiser in Los Angeles, staring blankly over the crowd for several seconds. In more recent days, donors were left stunned when Biden described a French cemetery in Normandy as ‘Italian’ at a fundraiser in the Hamptons, insiders told the Washington Post.

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