Biden Asks For Ice Cream During Meltdown

It has been noted that President Joe Biden was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Sunday when he attended an ice cream social at the Biden-Harris campaign headquarters.



Biden took another opportunity to lie about his record and take credit for things he didn’t do while admitting that people are struggling under his term in office.

“Folks, there is a lot of people still struggling because since we ended the pandemic, since I ended the pandemic, he didn’t, corporate profits have doubled, doubled, and we got to do something about it,” he rambled as Jill lurked in the background nervous.

Well, the country is suffering economically, and the invasion at the southern border continues and Biden is focusing on ice cream and rambling incoherently to a small group of people.

“Thank you, thank you, folks with your permission I’m gonna find out if we have any ice cream. You know it really dull when you have a President who is known for two things, Ray Ban sunglasses and chocolate chip ice cream,” Biden said.

During his appearance, a reporter mentioned Rep Jeffries, and called for Harris to replace him as the Democrat nominee, Biden did not acknowledge the comment.

“Mr. President, leaders on Jeffries call today are calling for Harris as the nominee,” a reporter said to Biden.

Biden ignored the reporter.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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