Biden Campaign Against Trump To ‘End’ After Testimony?

In a riveting opening monologue on Jesse Watters Primetime, Fox News host Jesse Watters made a bold declaration about the potential impact of Hunter Biden’s former business partner’s testimony on Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Devon Archer, who appeared before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee in a closed-door meeting, shed light on his business dealings with Hunter Biden and their involvement with Ukraine-based Burisma.



According to Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram, Archer testified that Hunter Biden frequently put then-Vice President Joe Biden on speakerphone during their business meetings, with Joe Biden using these opportunities to “sell the brand” on more than 20 occasions. The revelations raised questions about the former vice president’s involvement in his son’s business ventures.

Representative Dan Goldman was present during Archer’s questioning and emphasized that Archer claimed to be completely unaware of any $5 million payments made to either Hunter Biden or Joe Biden. Goldman suggested that Archer’s testimony did not establish any direct connection between Joe Biden and his son’s foreign business activities, dismissing the phone conversations between father and son as merely friendly chats.

However, Jesse Watters took a skeptical stance towards Goldman’s interpretation of the testimony. He highlighted the significance of Archer’s testimony, implying that Hunter Biden’s close business associate had now turned against the Biden family. According to Watters, the access to Joe Biden was what Hunter’s business partners were paying for. Hunter was able to put his father on speakerphone easily during their meetings, using this connection to enhance his business dealings.

Watters questioned the notion that Joe Biden was simply engaging in small talk during the phone calls, as claimed by Goldman. He sarcastically questioned the extent of weather discussions, implying that a dinner conversation with a Russian billionaire would not revolve around the weather in Moscow for the entire duration. Watters found Goldman’s defense of Biden’s interactions during the calls to be akin to suggesting that Biden played the role of Miss Manners.

The Fox News host concluded his monologue with a bold assertion that the revelations from Archer’s testimony could potentially jeopardize Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. He challenged Democrats to decide whether they would continue to support Biden or rally behind someone else like Gavin Newsom. The implication was that the emerging information could cast doubt on Biden’s credibility and raise serious concerns about his dealings while in office.

Watters took a highly skeptical view of Goldman’s framing of the testimony. “Devon Archer, the man Hunter Biden called a Biden, just flipped on the First Family,” he said to kick off Monday’s episode, saying that “what the business partners were paying for” was the access to Joe Biden, whom his son would call and put on speaker phone so he could “say hello.”

“He could get Joe Biden on the phone like that,” Watters said, listing off other reporting about Hunter’s business deals.

“Democrats say Joe Biden had no idea who he was talking to,” he continued, playing a clip of Goldman saying the conversations were clearly “part of the daily conversations Hunter Biden had with his father,” and “it sounds like most of the time…Biden did not even know who the people was at dinner.” Goldman summarized Archer’s testimony about Joe Biden’s participation in the calls as just being “asked to say hello” and he “described what the weather was,” and other mundane chatter.

“When I eat dinner, it is usually about an hour,” said Watters. “You can talk the weather for 5 minutes tops. Biden is talking to a Russian billionaire about the weather the whole dinner? What’s it like in Moscow? It is cold.”

In response to Goldman’s defense that Joe Biden had “never said that he has never spoken to anyone” but it was  “preposterous to think a father should not say hello to people the son is at dinner with.”

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