Biden Confronted By Black Woman After Meltdown

During an interview with Andrea Lawful-Sanders on WURD’s The Source, President Joe Biden addressed concerns from Black voters about the accomplishments of his administration. Lawful-Sanders asked Biden what progress had been made for Black Americans, particularly in Pennsylvania. Biden outlined several achievements, highlighting the economic and social initiatives his administration has undertaken.



Biden began by mentioning his recent visit to Philadelphia to launch a Black voters’ campaign for Biden-Harris. He emphasized the crucial role Black voters in cities like Philadelphia play in deciding election outcomes. Biden asserted that he has kept his promises, citing the distribution of $1,400 checks during the pandemic, the creation of 15.6 million jobs, and efforts to reduce inflation.

He pointed to significant measures against Big Pharma, such as lowering the cost of insulin to $35 a month and capping out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors at $2,000 annually, benefiting 2.9 million Medicare recipients. Biden also highlighted the increased health coverage for Black families under the ACA, preventing the denial of insurance due to preexisting conditions.

Biden discussed economic growth, noting a 60% increase in Black wealth since the pandemic and a rise in Black homeownership. He acknowledged disparities in home valuations based on racial demographics but emphasized efforts to address these inequities. He also mentioned the surge in Black-owned small businesses, with over 500,000 new business applications and substantial investments in Pennsylvania’s small businesses.

Further, Biden mentioned the $6.6 billion in student debt relief provided to 158,000 borrowers in Pennsylvania, including $5 million for Black borrowers. He also talked about the importance of the $16 billion investment in HBCUs to enhance their competitiveness and capabilities.

ANDREA LAWFUL-SANDERS: Yes, sir. For people that may say, what has the Biden-Harris administration done for me as a Black person? What progress has been made here in Pennsylvania?

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Well, there’s been a lot of progress. We’ve got a lot more to do, though. A month ago, I was in Philly to launch a Black voters for Biden-Harris. Just like in 2020, Black voters in cities like Philadelphia are the ones who are going to decide the outcome of this election.

I’m proud to be running for reelection as president, who has made his promises and kept them.

I made the promises we have that got us through the toughest time in history after the pandemic and resulted in people getting $1,400 checks, making sure we created 15.6 million jobs, and inflation is brought down. We’re going to get down 2% shortly.

Promised that I’d beat Big Pharma, the pharmaceutical companies that so overcharges anyone you know has it as a serious problem and so on. There used to be, but it cost them $400 a month now of cost 35 bucks a month. They only cost them ten bucks to make it.

And I put a cap of $2,000 beginning January 1st of this year on all the prescription drugs any senior would incur. And some of those drug costs as much as ten, 12, $14,000 cancer drugs. And that cap is for 2.9 million Medicare beneficiaries.

More Black families who have health coverage under the ACA. Now, as you know, I know you know this, but. Yeah, a lot of families. I grew up in a family. Didn’t have anything left over at the end of the month. Yeah, and it cost a lot of money for insurance. And my dad used to just lie awake at night wondering what happens if we lose that.

Well, you know, there’s millions of people in America that have preexisting conditions. They can’t get insurance until Barack Obama came along. We came along, came up with a bomb, a health care provisions now called the ACA. Now all those folks are covered. Trump wants to get rid of it and put millions of people, deny them coverage.

We built back Black wealth. Black wealth is back up 60% since the pandemic. Much more to do. Black home– Black homeownership is up. You know the way that we do things now it’s just outrageous. You build a one if you build two same communities, one in the white community on one side of I-95 and another in the Black community on the other side of I-95 or any other major highway, the same exact home. It’s going to cost you more. It’s going to be value than less in the Black community than it is in the White community, it’s wrong.

Black owned small businesses are starting up at the fastest rate in decades. Been over 500,000 new business applications. And Pennsylvania’s after investing hundreds of millions of dollars in small businesses in the state.

And by the way, we’re save. We’re spending the money to do this, but it’s going to save the state and taxpayers money because it generates economic growth.

I promised to relieve student debt. Well, there’s $6.6 billion in loan relief that I’ve made available so far for 158,000 borrowers in Pennsylvania alone, including 5 million in the Black borrowers.

As you well know. I know you know this. We talk about it a lot. The HBCUs are as competitive, capable. The students are as complicated as any student, but they don’t have the endowments to build the laboratories of the future.

So guess what? I promised I was going to invest in HBCU like Lincoln University, Chaney University, Delaware State University. Oh guess what? I was able to invest $16 billion, $16 billion in HBCUs to come into their own.

So, you know, there’s a lot we’ve done and there’s a lot we have to continue to do, but it’s going to make Pennsylvania better, stronger and across the board.

ANDREA LAWFUL-SANDERS: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Thank you for all of that. You’ve said things that some of us were not aware of, in the, in the general public.

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