Biden Creepy Photo With Jimmy Kimmel Revealed

President Joe Biden‘s fundraiser in Los Angeles was filled with stars and he also took part in a conversation with former President Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel is now expected to raise at least $30 million. He took to his X account and posted a picture with Obama and Kimmel.



It has been noted that during the roughly 40-minute sit-down, Biden, Obama, and Kimmel touted the current administration’s accomplishments. However, a good part of the talk was devoted to warnings regarding another Trump term.

Biden stated that “one of the scariest parts” of another Donald Trump is that he would likely have the ability to appoint two more Supreme Court nominees.

“The Supreme Court has never been as out of kilter as it is today,” Biden said. “…The fact of the matter is that this has never been a court that has been this far out of step.”

He also noted that when the Dobbs decision was issued overturning Roe vs. Wade, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that other decisions should be reconsidered, including IVF and contraception. Someone in the audience then shouted, “Gay rights.”

“By the way, not on my watch. Not on my watch,” said Biden, in a line that got one of the biggest cheers from the crowd in the 7,100-seat Peacock Theater.

Before Kimmel introduced the two presidents, he showed a video of Trump from 2020, where he predicted that if he was not elected, major holidays like the Fourth of July and Christmas would end.

Kimmel had asked the president, “Is it satisfying to see that video to see how wrong Orange Julius Caesar was about your presidency?” At the outset, Biden wasted little time making a biting about Donald Trump shortly after he took the stage.

“I could have done nothing and done better than he was doing,” Biden.

The ABC late night host then revealed a long list of Biden’s accomplishments, often interspersing them with irreverent quips.

Kimmel later noted that Biden said he was “fighting to restore the soul of America and lately it seems like we might need and exorcism. Is that why you visited the Pope?”

Biden laughed and said, “The truth is the way in which we communicate with people these days, there’s so much opportunity to just lie….If you have just one source you go to for your news, it’s just easy to convince people that that is the only truth that’s out there.”

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