Biden Drops Trump & Nancy Pelosi Husband Bombshell

According to Mediaite, President Joe Biden intensified his criticism of former President Donald Trump during a private fundraiser, branding Trump as “despicable” and delving into various threats he perceives from a potential Trump win. Biden’s recent fundraising speeches, held without cameras, serve as platforms for refining material that might feature in his public campaign speeches.



In the closed-door events, Biden has progressively escalated his attacks on Trump. Last week, he delivered a more aggressive speech, addressing Trump’s actions during the Capitol violence and recent comments likened to Nazi rhetoric. Biden continued this trend, using the term “despicable” to describe Trump on three occasions during his speeches.

In Philadelphia on Monday, Biden outlined what he views as numerous threats posed by Trump, spanning issues such as the right to choose, civil rights, voting rights, and America’s global standing. He emphasized Trump’s greatest threat as being to democracy itself, stating that losing democracy would mean losing everything.

Recalling his early presidential campaign speech at Independence Hall, Biden highlighted the January 6th Capitol attack, underscoring Trump’s role in watching the events unfold for hours. He pointed out the violence, desecration of the Capitol, and the threat to the life of then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Biden also referenced the mob’s search for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, linking it to Trump’s false claims and the subsequent assault on Pelosi’s husband months later. Expressing his dismay, Biden labeled these events as “despicable” and questioned whether anyone could have anticipated such occurrences.

Let me be clear: Donald Trump poses many threats to this country, from the right to choose, to civil rights, to voting rights, to America’s standing in the world.

You ought to come to me at these international meetings with other heads of state — who I’ve known for a long time — listen to what their concerns are about this election.

But the greatest threat he poses is to our democracy, because if we lose that, we lose everything.

When I first ran for president, I said at — at Independence Hall, I made a speech. I said democracy is at stake in America. And the press — understandably, because it was — they hadn’t heard that before — thought, “Well, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.” Everybody but the press saw it. The American people understood it. But they didn’t think it — they don’t think that anymore — the press.

Remember January 6th? Trump sitting in the — the small dining room off my O- — off of the Oval Office for hours and hours watching it all unfold on television: a mob attacked the Capitol, desecrated the Capitol, killed some people. The mob threaten the life of his own vice president because he would not violate the Constitution to make a fake election.

The same mob that went looking for Nancy Pelosi in the Capitol, spun up by the lies, inspired by assaults — and inspired assaults on her husband with a hammer to his head months later. It’s just despicable.

Did you ever think you would see that in our — in any generation sitting before me here?

Biden has also introduced a new laugh line to his fundraiser patter:

Trump became the first losing presidential candidate in history who refused to accept the will of the people.

He didn’t show up at my inauguration. Can’t say I was disappointed. (Laughter.) I guess he won’t show up for the second inauguration either, but — (laughter and applause).

Additionally, Biden introduced a new humorous remark during his fundraisers, highlighting Trump’s historical refusal to accept the election results. He mentioned Trump’s absence at his inauguration, jokingly stating that he wasn’t disappointed and suggesting that Trump might not show up for a potential second inauguration either.

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