Biden Explodes At Reporter With Zelensky

President Joe Biden reprimanded Bloomberg White House reporter Josh Wingrove during a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the G7 summit in Italy on Thursday, criticizing him for veering off-topic and not adhering to the agreed-upon rules for questioning.



After Biden had specifically called on him, Wingrove began by stating his intention to ask about Gaza, despite the focus on Ukraine. He referenced previous questions posed after a skydiving demonstration and pressed Biden on his assessment of Hamas’s actions and prospects for a peace deal, prompting Biden’s rebuke.

“I’m here to talk about a critical situation in Ukraine,” Biden responded firmly, expressing frustration at the deviation from the agreed-upon subject. He acknowledged an ongoing effort towards a peace agreement in Gaza but emphasized the immediate priority of Ukraine, highlighting international endorsements and obstacles in negotiations.

Undeterred, Wingrove redirected his question to President Zelensky, inquiring about the $50 billion aid package and its impact on Ukraine’s military efforts against Russia. His query sought insights into the current battlefield situation and the effectiveness of recent Congressional support.

“Thank you, Mr. President. I have a question for President Zelensky shortly on the announcements. But if you don’t mind I’d like to ask you about your discussions on the situation in Gaza here at the summit,” Wingrove began after Biden specifically called on him – having made clear that both Zelensky and Biden would call on two reporters.

“You were asked just a short time ago about it after the skydiving demonstration. Can you give us your assessment of Hamas’s response? And do you believe that they are trying to work towards a deal, or is this response working against the deal? And what is your message to allies, including those here at the G7, about what more, if anything, the U.S. can do to drive towards a peace agreement? Thank you,” Wingrove asked.

“Wish you guys would play by the rules a little bit,” Biden replied, admonishing Wingrove for asking about the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“I’m here to talk about a critical situation in Ukraine. And you ask me another subject. I’ll be happy to answer in detail later. But the bottom line is that we made an agreement. I’ve laid out an approach that has been endorsed by the U.N. Security Council, by the G7, by the Israelis. And then the biggest hang-up so far is Hamas refusing to sign on even though they have submitted something similar. Whether or not it comes to fruition remains to be seen. We’re going to continue to push. I don’t have a final answer for you,” Biden concluded.

”And to President Biden’s point, a question about today’s discussions,” Wingrove continued, adding:

President Zelensky, the $50 billion today. You’ve got the supplemental, of course, from the US Congress recently. Can you give us an assessment of the situation on the battlefield right now and what has been given now? How long will this get you, in terms of either stopping the Russian advance or making headway?

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