Biden Explodes At Trump’s Fox News Host

President Joe Biden recently mentioned Fox News in a speech on Friday as he took issue with the network’s coverage of his State of the Union address the night before via Mediaite.



During his speech to the joint session of Congress, President Biden criticized his predecessor, Donald Trump, who is expected to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. Despite facing interruptions from Republican hecklers, the president shared his vision for the country. However, his speech was later criticized by several Fox News commentators.

At a campaign event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday, Biden made his case for reelection and took a detour to hit an unnamed Fox News commentator for accusing him of trying to “ruin America”:

“I was watching on television last night about two in the morning after he got back to the house. The house. The White House. Still hard to think of it as home. I had the TV on. There was a Fox News commentator saying, “You know, Biden is changing from trickle-down economics to build from the middle-out, the bottom-up. Gonna ruin America.”

“Ruin America? We have the strongest economy in the world right now. Like I said–


Like I said – and I mean this sincerely – and I believed my whole career, finally got it done. If we focus on the middle class– first of all, first of all, they’re the heart and soul and sinew of the country. If you focus on them and give them an even chance, the poor have a way up and the wealthy still do very, very well. Still do very well.

As I said, I’m a capitalist, but capitalism, when it turns to– engaged in non-competition, it ends up being just stealing.”

Despite Fox’s highly critical coverage of Biden’s speech, a search of a TV transcript database revealed no such accusation of Biden attempting to “ruin America” on either Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network.

Of all the network’s on-air talent, Sean Hannity was perhaps the most critical, slamming “Jacked-Up Joe” for sounding “like a hyper-caffeinated, angry, old man.”


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