Biden Forgets He’s President In Coffee Shop Video

In a perplexing moment captured on tape while visiting a neighborhood coffee shop in Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden introduced himself as someone who “works for the government in the Senate,” seemingly forgetting that he was currently the head of state.



The video, which went viral on social media, features Biden chatting up a barista informally at the coffee shop.

Biden’s verbal blunders have sparked discussions about his age and cognitive abilities before.

Such blunders are frequently cited by Biden’s critics as proof that he might not be entirely capable of managing the responsibilities of the president.

The latest has added fuel to the ongoing debate about the Biden’s capability to lead the nation effectively.

Here are some of the reactions:

One user wrote: “The scary part is I don’t think he is kidding. I think he truly believes he works in the Senate. Joe Biden is not fit to be president. Follow if you agree.”

Second user: “He talks to him like you would talk to someone in a nursing home.”

The third one responded: “He just physically stopped him hahahahhaha ..president my ass”

Another user said: “Does he know what’s going on?”

“He’s gone.

We all know it.

This is some sort of humiliation ritual for us to suffer through, I suppose.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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