Biden Getting Removed This Week By Congressmen?

Axios reported on Sunday that a growing number of Democrats are urging an intervention as President Joe Biden refuses to exit the presidential race. They are pushing for prominent figures, including the Obamas and congressional leaders, to persuade Biden to step down by Friday. The urgency is due to the hope that Biden will endorse Vice President Kamala Harris as his successor, potentially preventing a contentious fight for the nomination at the Democratic Convention in Chicago.



Top Democrats want Biden out soon so Harris can prepare and select a running mate. If Biden does not endorse anyone, it could trigger a fierce competition among governors and ambitious Democrats at the mid-August convention.

Axios highlighted that anxiety is rising among Democrats, with a House member stating that fear about their races and the country’s future is mounting. Some House members are considering public statements or letters urging Biden to withdraw. Conversations on this issue are expected to intensify this week.

A Democratic operative mentioned to Axios that Biden seems unaware of his precarious political situation. The Washington Post echoed this sentiment, noting that only a minority of influential donors believe Biden should continue. Publicly, some supporters of Biden privately acknowledge that his path forward looks bleak.

Concerns about Biden’s age and capabilities are resonating beyond Washington. A national lawmaker from a swing state reported that constituents at a local forum were primarily concerned about Biden’s age.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a key figure to watch, as she has the authority to advise Biden to step aside. Recently, Pelosi altered her stance on Biden’s mental acuity, acknowledging that it was a fair question to consider whether his performance issues were isolated incidents or indicative of a broader problem.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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