Biden ‘Loses Mind’ In Frustrating 4-Minute Rant

President Joe Biden recently took his listeners on a journey after fielding a question from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough regarding the electoral trends across the globe on Morning Joe Monday via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Scarborough first drew a comparison between left-wing victories in the United Kingdom and France and Democrats’ relatively strong showing in the 2022 midterms before diving into his question.

“I’m curious what message you take from the French elections and the British elections, because we keep hearing about the rise of far-right nationalist extremism in Europe,” said Scarborough.

“But I’ve got to say, it looks like this past week has been the worst week for far-right nationalists between Britain and France. Wondering what you say about that and what message you take to NATO allies this week?”

In his four-and-a-half-minute reply, Biden accidentally referred to the midterms as having occurred in 2024, touched on the economy and black support, challenged rivals to try to take away his nomination at the Democratic National Convention, and declared that Donald Trump “makes George Wallace look like a patriot.”

He continued:

So, Joe, it wasn’t just that it didn’t happen. I was predicting beforehand it would not happen because I’ve got a pretty good political instinct and eye. And here’s the deal: It’s not going to happen here this time around. The American public is not going to move away from me as the average voter. And again, I’m here for two reasons, pal. One, to rebuild the economy for hard-working middle class people. Give everybody a shot! Just a straight shot! Everybody gets a fair chance, number one. Number two, remember all this talk about how I don’t have the Black support. Come on, give me a break. Come with me, watch. Watch! I’m getting so frustrated by the elites. Now I’m not talking about you guys, but about the elites in the party who they know so much more. With any of these guys don’t think I should run, run against me! Go ahead, announce for President. Challenge me at the convention. You know, on Europe, the polls are wrong. In France, they’re also right. You know, there’s there’s no right wave or a tide here in America, either. By the way, in case you’re wondering whether there is one, have you ever seen Trump run away so fast from what he’s for? You know he’s going to do it anyway. Maybe, I mean, he’s such a liar. This guy, it’s all, everybody knows what they’re planning to do. And now he’s saying ‘No, no no no.’ This guy is going to rip away at a woman’s right to choose in a permanent way. This guy is going to make sure that he exacts revenge. This guy’s going to destroy democracy. This guy is going to give a blank check to the Supreme Court and going to use its past, the 2025 agenda, you know, extreme danger. This guy’s extremely dangerous. And but, you notice, he doesn’t speak up for what he’s really for. He’s all of a sudden realizing, ‘Oh my God, nobody’s for what I’m for.’ But anyway, look, and again, think of the things he lied about. He talked about he gave the largest tax cut in history. Yeah, he gave a largest tax cut in history to millionaires and billionaires. He said that he’s going to 10% universal tax proposal is not going to drive prices higher. Every major economist in the world is saying it’s going to drive an average of $2,500 per person. ‘Only jobs he created for illegal immigrants and bounce back jobs and bounced back from Covid.’ Give me a break. That’s what he said at the convention, I mean, I see him at the debate. I mean, everything he said, he said, you know, he largely fixed Covid, you kidding me? And what happened? Nobody said anything. Nobody said anything except me and the folks out there in a local, you know, race, you know, he said I did nothing to stop Russian invasion of Ukraine. In fact, he said, I think I encourage Russia from going. I think he encouraged Russia going in. I mean, you know, I’m reading from a list of lies. First of all, he was made up quotes, suckers and losers. He called the American in the cemetery from World War I suckers and losers. And so this guy’s going to have to start to answer for what he did. I’m not letting up, Joe. I am not letting up a little bit. And by the way, you know, you know, France registered. You know, I, look. You talk about Europe, France rejected extremism. Democrats will reject it here as well. Trump and you know, this is a guy who is an extreme candidate. I can’t think of a candidate in my lifetime who’s been more extreme. He makes George Wallace look like a patriot.


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