Biden Makes Insane Trump Remark At Ice Cream Shop

President Joe Biden, in response to inquiries about his upcoming visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, playfully referred to former President Donald Trump as “my good friend.” The announcement of Biden’s visit to the southern border was made by the White House on Monday morning, revealing his plans to travel to Brownsville, Texas, on Thursday. Coincidentally, Trump is scheduled to be in Eagle Pass, Texas, on the same day, setting the stage for a potential split-screen of photo opportunities.



Later in the day, following the announcement, President Biden appeared on Tuesday night’s edition of NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. During the appearance, he took the opportunity to criticize Trump repeatedly, continuing the long-standing exchange of political jabs between the two figures.

After the show, President Biden and host Seth Meyers made an impromptu visit to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, where the President indulged in some mint chip ice cream and engaged with both customers and the staff serving him. In a light-hearted manner, he joked with reporters, saying, “I’ve got a little bit of cash, does anyone want ice cream?” and amusingly added, “It’s not a bribe!”

During this impromptu interaction with the press, President Biden touched on several topics, including the ongoing talks about a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Responding to a question about his border trip, he maintained a humorous tone, stating that he had been planning to visit the border on Thursday and expressed surprise that his “good friend” Trump was apparently planning to be there as well.

When asked if he would meet with migrants during his border visit, President Biden refrained from making a pre-announcement, citing the Secret Service’s preference for not divulging specific details in advance. The exchange with reporters also delved into the timeline for a potential ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. President Biden expressed hope that it would commence by the beginning or end of the weekend, relying on information from his National Security Advisor, who indicated that they were close to reaching an agreement. The President optimistically mentioned his aspiration for a ceasefire to be in place by the following Monday.

The banter between President Biden and reporters showcased a mix of humor and serious discussion, providing insight into the President’s plans and perspectives on various matters, including the border visit and international conflicts. The convergence of Biden’s and Trump’s schedules at the U.S.-Mexico border added an interesting dimension to the unfolding events, generating anticipation for the potential juxtaposition of their activities on Thursday.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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