Biden Official Hit With ‘Criminal Referral’ For…

The situation involving Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division in the Biden administration, has sparked controversy due to allegations that she lied under oath about her past arrest during her Senate confirmation hearing.



Clarke, according to reports, falsely testified to the Senate that she had never been arrested. However, court documents obtained by The Daily Signal revealed that Clarke had been arrested previously for attacking her then-husband with a knife, an incident that resulted in serious injury.

Earlier this year, Clarke admitted to lying during her confirmation hearing, attributing her false testimony to a desire to move past a traumatic period of abuse and domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband nearly two decades ago. She described this period as profoundly traumatic and indicated that she had sought to heal and promote her personal well-being since then.

“This was a terrorizing and traumatizing period that I have sought to put behind me to promote my personal health, healing and well-being. The physical and emotional scars, the emotional abuse and exploitation, and the lying are things that no woman or mother should ever have to endure.”

The Article III Project, founded by Mike Davis, a former clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch, has filed multiple complaints against Clarke. These include a DOJ criminal referral, an Office of Professional Responsibility complaint, and two state bar complaints. Davis has been vocal in criticizing Clarke’s alleged perjury, suggesting that had the Senate known the truth, she would not have been confirmed.

Critics, including Davis, have accused Clarke of politicizing the Department of Justice under President Biden’s administration, alleging selective enforcement of the law to target political adversaries and shield political allies. Davis specifically mentioned instances involving the DOJ’s handling of cases involving Christians praying at abortion clinics and supporters engaged in activities perceived as anti-Semitic.

Despite these allegations and complaints, Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, has not taken action regarding Clarke’s alleged perjury, prompting continued scrutiny and debate over the handling of the situation within the DOJ and the broader implications for Clarke’s role and the administration’s credibility.

More than 7 weeks has passed since Americans learned Kristen Clarke, Biden’s head of DOJ Civil Rights, perjured herself at her Senate confirmation hearing.

Kristen Clarke lied under oath about her arrest for stabbing her then-husband.

But for Kristen Clarke’s lie, the Senate would never have confirmed her.

And Kristen Clarke has politicized and weaponized the Biden Justice Department to imprison political enemies (like Christians praying at abortion clinics) and to protect political allies (like Hamas supporters terrorizing Jews).

And Merrick Garland apparently hasn’t done a damn thing about Kristen Clarke’s clear perjury, even after more than 7 weeks.

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