Biden Official Reveals If He’s Quitting Election

Amidst concerns about President Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness, a co-chair of his re-election campaign, Mitch Landrieu, stood firm in his support for the president during an interview on Meet the Press. Despite polls indicating widespread apprehension among Americans, Landrieu emphasized Biden’s resilience and determination.



NBC’s Kristen Welker highlighted data from an NBC News poll showing that 76 percent of voters are worried about Biden’s ability to serve a second term due to health concerns. She questioned Landrieu about the campaign’s strategy to address these apprehensions.

In response, Landrieu diverted attention to former President Donald Trump’s perceived cognitive lapses, citing instances where Trump appeared confused about various matters. He argued that Trump’s cognitive abilities were equally, if not more, concerning than Biden’s.

When pressed further about reports of panic among Democrats, with some calling for Biden to step aside, Landrieu remained steadfast in his support for the president. He asserted Biden’s unwavering commitment to his responsibilities, highlighting his track record of persistence and dedication throughout his life.

Landrieu concluded by emphasizing Biden’s determination, stating unequivocally that Biden would never quit, citing it as a defining trait of the president’s character. He expressed confidence that Biden would continue to focus on his duties and demonstrate his accomplishments to reassure voters.

“Our NBC news poll found that 76 percent of voters are concerned about whether the president has the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term,” Welker said. “What is the plan to convince voters otherwise?

“How do you respond to Democrats who say they want to see a change at the top of the ticket?” Welker said.

“I’m in the process of doing it right now,” Landrieu said. “And demonstrating that the president’s accomplishments have really been second to none, and Joe Biden’s going to get up every day. The one thing Joe Biden is never going to do is — count on this — he is never, ever going to quit! Because that’s not what he’s done his entire life.”

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